Be At/ Do

  1. Attend A Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
  2. Be At a Live Show Of Strictly Come Dancing
  3. Celebrate New Year In a Warm Country
  4. Create My Family Tree
  5. Create My Own Homemade Cookbook
  6. Dance Without Worry
  7. Dance On The Street
  8. Decorate My Own Home
  9. Dress Up For Halloween
  10. Eat A Croissant In Paris And Have A Beret On My Head
  11. Eat a Full English Breakfast
  12. Eat and Drink Devonshire Cream Tea
  13. Eat Breakfast Outside
  14. Find A wine I like
  15. Float Around the Dead Sea
  16. Get a Palm Reading
  17. Get a Souvenir Everywhere I Am
  18. Get a Tattoo
  19. Get Henna On My Hands
  20. Go Camping
  21. Go Canoeing
  22. Go Horseback Riding In The Woods
  23. Go Horseback Riding On The Beach
  24. Go Ice skating
  25. Go On A Camel Ride
  26. Go Sailing
  27. Go Scuba diving
  28. Go Skiing
  29. Go To Cirque du Soleil
  30. Grow a Garden
  31. Grow My Own Vegetables
  32. Have a Bath with Candles & Music
  33. Have a Picknick
  34. Make a Ride With a Hot Air balloon
  35. Move Out To A Place Of My Own
  36. Scrapbooking
  37. See a Field Hockey Game
  38. See an American Football Game
  39. Send a postcard everywhere I am to Grandma & Roos
  40. Stay A Night In A Cabin In The Woods
  41. Swim With Dolphins
  42. Try every Ben & Jerry’s flavor
  43. Try Yoga
  44. Upload and Finish Arabesque On FanFiction
  45. Upload and Finish The Lost Child On FanFiction
  46. Wear a Sari

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