About Me

I’m a girl of 20 years old. I have lived all my life in a small town in Holland that has more cows and sheep than people.

I am like every other girl. I have dreams, hopes and fears. But there is something different about me that you can’t see right away.

I was born with a disability called Dyspraxia. This disability makes me different than other people. Like I can act like a child when someone talks about fairy tales, Disney or the TV show called Once Upon A Time, It makes me so happy that people who see me at that moment think that inside i’m between 3 to 5 years old. (But I’m am happy with it)

There so many other things that makes me different and a part of this blog is only about that, how it is to life with a disability many people have never heard of and think you are just  exaggerating.

I made this blog to tell others about what it like to life with a disability and still life and want things like every other person.

Little Facts About Me:

  • I hate black flowers.
  • I Love Music.
  • The Supernatural episode with Bloody Mary in it gives me nightmares.
  • I hate the color yellow, except when it’s the color of a flower.
  • I like making lists.
  • My greatest fear are spiders. From the small ones at home to the big one in The Lord Of The Rings (I never watch that part) I fear them all.
  • I like to sing, but I don’t like the sound of my voice on a recording.
  • I Love romance. From holding a door open on a date to kissing under the Eiffel Tower. I Love it.
  • I fear that because of my DCD I can never be in a relationship.
  • Audrey Hepburn and Keira Knightley are my favorite actresses.
  • My favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman.
  • I love English books more than Dutch books.
  • I love fairy tales.
  • I am afraid of needles.
  • I don’t like the smell of hospitals.
  • I used to dance classic ballet.
  • Eating before 8 in the morning makes me sick.
  • I like Twilight FanFiction more than the original books.
  • I hate my dentist.
  • I’m anti-fur.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Sounds like most females to me, nothing unusual atall. You are normal and I suspect fully able to consider yourself as such. You can do everything that you think normal people do. Go for it, you sound absolutely normal to me.

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